What is a virtual walking tour?

When you can’t physically travel, but want a chance to reach out and connect (or reconnect) with a new destination, virtual guided tours are the perfect option. A live virtual tour is delivered personally by your English speaking tour guide using a video conference software. During the virtual tour your guide is walking outside on location, while explaining what you can see and you can follow the tour from your laptop, smart phone, etc.

How long is a live virtual walking tour?

Each tour is about 60-70 minutes long.

What are the available languages for the live virtual tours?

Currently we offer virtual tours in English and in Hungarian.

How do I book a live-streamed experience?

Once you have selected which tour meets your taste send us an email to behindbudapest@gmail.com letting us know which day and when you would like to have your tour. Please note that the start times for the live tours are between 9am CEST to 6pm CEST.

Please make sure to double check how CEST translates to your own time zone. You can find a time zone calculator here.

I can’t find an itinerary that suits my interest. Can you deliver a custom made live virtual sightseeing experience?

Yes! Let us know what you have in mind, and we will see whether we can deliver it!

Will be there others during the virtual tour?

It is up to you. Our virtual sightseeing tour experiences are private programs which means that you and those that you invite can participate.
The price is fixed 85USD / 75 EUR / 24.000 HUF per tour as long as ten, or less devices join the tour.

How many can participate a live-streamed tour?

You can invite up to 10 devices to a virtual tour experience. After payment you receive your personal invite to the video conference. You can share that link with your guests.

How do I pay for a virtual tour?

Once all tour details been set, we send you an email including a payment link and your pro-forma invoice. You can pay for the tour online with your credit card, or you can choose wire transaction as well. In order to issue a pro-forma invoice we need your name and address. Once the tour has been delivered you receive the invoice as well.

Can I pay in USD, or EUR as well?

Yes, you can wire transfer the tour price in USD, or in EUR as well. If you choose to pay online we can only issue invoices in Hungarian Forint.

Can I ask questions from my guide during the virtual tour?

Absolutely! To ensure the enjoyment of everyone on the live-streamed tour, your tour guide will stay put to answer your questions during the entire virtual tour.

You start the tour with muted audio, but you always have the option to unmute and converse with your guide.

What happens if my tour is canceled?

Tours may be canceled or rescheduled due to inclement weather, health concerns, and other unforeseen or uncontrollable situations. In the rare case that your tour has been canceled or rescheduled, we always try to find the best solution for you. Worst case scenario is that we wire transfer back the entire amount you paid for the tour.

What happens if I miss my tour?

If for some reason you miss the start time of your tour, you will still be able to connect while the tour is ongoing. Similar to the purchase of tickets to other live events, if you miss your reservation, we are unable to refund your purchase.

Who are the guides?

The same guides provide the live virtual tours as our normal tours. You can find out more about them here. All our guides have the necessary qualifications and licences to provide guided tours in Budapest.

Can I pause a live virtual tour?

In case there are more than 2 devices joining the virtual tour we break the tour into 2 parts, offering a bathroom break. For the second part you receive a new personal link in for the video conference in an email.

In case there are less than 2 devices, you may ask for a short break at any point during the tour. We don’t recommend to have more than 1 break during a 60 minute long virtual tour.

Can other virtual travelers on the tour see me? Can the guide see me?

At the beginning of the tour, each participant starts with muted audio and their cameras turned off thus you cannot be viewed by your tour guide and you will not be able to view other tour participants and they cannot view you unless you, or the other participants decide to turn on their cameras.

What are the technical requirements to watch the live-streamed tours?

You can watch the tour on any device you use for streaming: your laptop, tablet, computer, and smart phone. We use a video conference platform, Zoom during the live virtual tours that supports all major browsers. No need to download any application neither to your laptop, nor to your smart phone. A stable internet connection is required for an uninterrupted experience.