Unique sightseeing

Are you planning special programs in Hungary? Do you want to discover the city in a new, exciting way? The specialty of Behind Budapest is to show you the city and the stories behind the scenes. The popular tourist attractions and the hidden secrets. Things that everybody knows and things that are hidden from average tourists.

Our most popular tours

These are the frequently asked ones, but this is just the tip of the iceberg: we have more than 15 different tours for you. Short ones for those, who are in a hurry; minibus tours if you want to be cozy; photo tour for the … well, photographers.

Why Behind Budapest?

  • Because we don’t have average tours – all of our programs are unique, personalized and one of a kind.
  • Because our guides are in love with the city and they are unlimited sources of legends and interesting facts
  • Because we show you the most – even on the shortest tours.
  • Because profession, passion and entertainment are essential for us

Other programs

Beyond providing tours in Budapest and in the Hungarian countryside, together with our partners we can help you organizing different kinds of special programs e.g. gala dinners, wine tastings, team building programs, sport events, special treasure hunts in the city and many more.

Are you looking for something special?

All of our tours are flexible: they can all be longer or shorter, we can skip parts or can add extra features depending on the interest or the tour. We can even mix a special tour from the ingredients of the others or invent totally new programs. If you need something special, hit the button and ask for a specialized program!

Personal offer