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Our company pays special attention to complying with the applicable data protection legislation during its data management. Please read this Notice carefully in order to understand how we handle your personal data and what rights you have in this regard.

  1. The data controller

Marót Ádám EV, repr. by: Marót Ádám

Headquarters: 1136 Budapest, Hegedűs Gyula utca 29/a

Registration number: 37369301

Tax number: 75653796-1-41

Contact: email:, phone: +3630 415 3229

  1. Scope of managed data

When viewing the website, due to the technical operation, the start and end time of the user’s visit is automatically recorded, and in some cases – depending on the settings of the user’s computer – the data of the browser, the operating system and the user’s IP address, as well as the name of the page from which the user has arrived. The system automatically generates statistical data from this data. The operator does not combine this data with other personal data, it only uses it to prepare statistics. The website sends a cookie to the visitor’s computer.

We manage e-mail addresses and names given on the website based on voluntary consent, as well as, in connection with this, what kind of tour the given user has participated in before. When entering a name, the user chooses what name to enter or how to register.

  1. Scope of managed data

The recording and storage of the time of the visit, the IP address, as well as the data of the browser and operating system is a feature of the operation of the system, their handling is technically essential and is done exclusively for statistical purposes.

In the case of a request for an offer to participate in a tour, it is necessary to provide name, e-mail address and language as personal data, as well as additional information that is not considered personal data (number of participants, planned date).

When purchasing a service or gift voucher, the name and e-mail address must be entered on the website.

When using the newsletter service, it is also necessary to provide a name and e-mail address.

By providing their data, users consent to our company handling their personal data. The data provided for the use of the website is processed with the voluntary consent of the user, in the knowledge of this information.

  1. Scope of managed data

Session IDs are automatically deleted when the browser is closed. The user can delete his own cookie at any time.

If no contract is concluded based on the offer, the data of the tenderers will be deleted immediately. We keep the data of the users of the service until the end of the general limitation period, i.e. for 5 years. We keep the data provided to use the newsletter service until you unsubscribe from the service. We keep the opinions until the data subject requests their deletion.

Our company strives to provide the most discounts for its regular customers, for this purpose we keep the data of our regular customers until their regular customer membership is terminated. Similarly, we do not limit the redemption time of gift vouchers, for this reason we retain the data necessary for redemption to enable the use of the vouchers.

  1. The scope of those who have access to the data, data processors

Personal data provided by users, as well as data obtained automatically due to technical operation (with the exception of the name provided by reviewers), are authorized to be accessed by the company’s executive director and internal employees (project managers and customer service staff) specially authorized by the management. The data controller does not publish the data (with the exception of the name provided by the opinion writers), and only releases it to third parties if there is an available legal basis.

  1. Rights of users

The data subject can request the following from the Data Controller:

  1. A) information about the management of your personal data,
  2. B) correction of personal data,
  3. C) deletion of your personal data – except for mandatory data management.

At the request of the data subject, the Data Controller provides information about the data subject’s data managed by it or processed by the data processor commissioned by it or at its disposal, its source, the purpose, legal basis, duration of data processing, the name and address of the data processor and its activities related to data processing, the circumstances of the data protection incident , its effects and the measures taken to prevent them, and – in the case of forwarding the data subject’s personal data – the legal basis and recipient of the data transfer.

  1. Data security

Our company strives to implement the safe handling of data with particular care, and therefore takes the technical and organizational measures necessary to enforce the data protection rules. To this end, our company only uses legitimate software, updates them regularly, and employs competent IT specialists. Up-to-date antivirus and protection software have been installed on our computers. We use passwords of appropriate complexity on all technical devices connected to the business.

  1. Remedy

In the event of a legal violation, you can contact the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (NAIH) (;; 1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5.; +36 1 391 1400)

  1. Clause

The Data Controller reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Information Sheet and the Data Protection Regulations on which it is based, in accordance with current legislation.

1st of June 2024

Adam Marot