By browsing and using the website, you declare that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions and data management principles for the use of the service, and that you agree with all their points.

Upon finalizing the application for the walk, the following contract is concluded between the service provider Marót Ádám EV (Seller), who operates the website, and the visitor who made the application (Buyer). 



Marót Ádám EV

Headquarters: H-1136 Budapest, Hegedűs Gyula utca 29/a

Tax number: 75653796-1-41

Registration number: 37369301

Represented by: Marót Ádám

Contact language: Hungarian or English

Contact: email:, phone: +3630 415 3229


You can sign up for cultural sightseeing walks and lectures on the website. The programs are held in different parts of Budapest, at the times indicated on the website. Those interested can participate in the programs after prior or on-site registration.

The announced programs are guaranteed and are not tied to the number of employees or other conditions. The case of service failure is discussed under Other provisions.

The indicated prices are gross prices.


Registration takes place on the website under the menu item “Tours”. After registration, the Customer will receive a confirmation e-mail and a request for payment of the participation fee – to the e-mail address provided by him – which contains the data entered during registration, the date of the program and the most important information. Your registration becomes final upon payment of the fee requester.

Registration process on the website:

  1. Click on our walks menu item and select the program you like or the hiking calendar submenu.
  2. Choose the date that suits you from the dates that appear, then click on the “sign up” button next to it.
  3. Enter your personal information in the pop-up window.
  4. To confirm the registration, click the application button.

If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail and fee request within 24 hours after registration to the e-mail address you provided, please contact us at e-mail address. 


The programs have different rates, which can be found in the program description in each case. Prices are gross prices. Discounted tickets can be used by students, pensioners and teachers by presenting the document entitling them to the discount on site.

The participation fee must be paid by bank card based on the online fee requester no later than 24 hours before the start of the program.

Eligible persons with gift vouchers or tickets redeemed in advance in any other way (tickets purchased from resellers, etc.) can participate in the given program without paying a fee. If the participation fee is not paid, the Customer cannot participate in the program. 


It is possible to purchase a gift voucher via the website, on the interface designed for this purpose or in person. The name of the gift voucher is “Free Voucher”.

By purchasing the free ticket, the Customer accepts the General Terms and Conditions.

The gift voucher can be issued by name or in the form of a “blank” voucher. Vouchers can be redeemed for an unlimited period of time and have no expiration date. The gift voucher is valid and can be used for all walks, except in the cases indicated in the description of the given walk.

If a free ticket is to be redeemed on a program cheaper than its value, the Seller has no way of refunding or crediting it.

Each free ticket is provided with a unique identifier, without which the voucher is not valid and cannot be used.

In special cases, the seller has the right to determine the validity period for some vouchers.

The seller guarantees that it provides the opportunity to use all vouchers, organizes a sufficient number of programs, but reserves the right to change the current program offer.

The changed program offer does not entitle you to a refund of the free ticket price.

An exception to this is if the Seller suspends or terminates its activities for any reason 


Everyone can participate in the programs at their own risk. Children under the age of 14 can only participate in the programs with parental supervision.

The minimum and maximum number of participants in the programs may vary, but typically between 1 and 45 people can participate.

It is strictly forbidden to participate in the programs while under the influence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances.

Due to the facilities of the locations, the programs are not recommended for people with reduced mobility, the elderly, or those suffering from any serious illness (e.g. heart or vascular diseases). In this case, please inquire about the specific program at one of our contact details.

The Seller is not responsible for injuries or accidents that may occur during the programs.

Applying for the programs – in whatever form – also means accepting the conditions of participation.

While participating in the program, observing the epidemiological rules:

– the use of a mouth mask is strongly recommended,

– only possible for healthy participants.

After applying, the Customer has the right to withdraw from participation in the program 24 hours before the start of the program, which can be done in writing at In case of cancellation, the paid participation fee can be transferred to another date of the same walk once within six months from the date of payment. By paying the participation fee, the Buyer finalizes his intention to participate, so the Seller is not obliged to repay the participation fee. 


The Seller will not disclose the personal data provided during registration to third parties under any circumstances, and will not use the provided data for any other purpose without special permission. The written and pictorial contents on the website are the exclusive property of the Seller, so any use, copying or reproduction of them may have legal consequences. 


The Seller assumes no responsibility for possible thefts, lost or damaged objects, personal injuries or accidents during the programs. During the walks – on occasion – the Seller or his representative may take photographs and video recordings, which he may later use for his own purposes. The persons in the recordings accept this by signing up for the walk, and the Seller is not obliged to ask for their further consent.

In cases of force majeure (illness, flood, earthquake, other natural disasters, etc.), if the service fails, the Seller will not be held liable, and will announce additional dates for which Buyers must register again. In matters not specified above, the Civil Code. relevant legislation shall govern.


Seller handles the data of the owners of the free ticket according to the conditions specified in the Data Management Notice, with the deviations and additions specified in this point.

When purchasing the voucher, the customer consents to having his/her personal data processed, stored and processed by Seller and its subcontractors in relation to the transactions related to the free ticket in order to make the voucher usable.

The purpose of the data management carried out by Seller is to operate the system of free tickets and to settle any complaint cases related to the use of vouchers. The further purpose of data management is to evaluate the shopping habits of free ticket buyers and owners in order to better serve customer needs, to inform free ticket holders more effectively about the new features of the FindYourWays brand created by Seller, and to increase the loyalty of free ticket owners.

By ordering the free ticket, completing and sending the order form, and signing the order form, the customer consents to Seller carrying out the above-described data management of his personal data and the voucher, or to using a subcontractor to store and process the data. The data provided during the purchase of the free ticket are processed by the partners specified in the Data Management Notice.

The customer or owner of the free ticket has the right to partially or completely withdraw their consent to data management and data transmission in writing. The declaration of revocation also entails the loss of the validity of the ticket.

Seller declares that he will not pass on, sell or use personal data to third parties not participating in the Program.

Seller only stores the data of ticket purchasers or owners until the vouchers are used. After use, Seller keeps the personal data related to the gift vouchers for 5 years for statistical purposes.

The Data Management Information is available at 


Marót Ádám EV is not responsible for the misuse of free tickets, as well as for damages resulting from the theft, loss, destruction, or damage of the voucher.

The holder of the free ticket can contact Seller with any complaints, requests or questions related to the voucher at the following contact details:

phone: +3630 415 3229

in writing: H-1136 Budapest, Hegedűs Gyula utca 29/a

by e-mail:

The owner of the free ticket can cancel his participation in the program at any time in writing. 


The issuer is obliged to publish these regulations, its amendments and information related to free tickets on its own website (

Discounts not used until the day the program ends will be permanently lost.

Budapest, 1st of June, 2024.

Adam Marot