7+1 sledging places in Budapest

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Behind Budapest’s guide to the best sledging places in Budapest

As it seems like this weekend wont be the start of spring in Budapest and it is highly likely that the hills will still be covered in snow. We at Behind Budapest thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of our favorite sledding slopes.

Buda side

1. Anna meadow

Found between the Normafa parkland and the upper station of the Janos hill chairlift. Big advantage is the series of short slopes by the refurbished playground while some longer ones are also available along the walking trail. Take bus nr. 21, or 21A from Szell Kalman ter to avoid parking problems.

2. Gellert hill

The long gradient slopes are located at the end of Rezada utca. These slopes are perfect for families with little kids as the maximum speed is pretty limited. To save the uphill walk with a sled take bus nr. 27 and get off at Rezeda utca.

3. Taban

The side of Gellert hill next to the Botanical garden is perfect for quick slides. Easy access by public transportation, expect no facilities.

4. Harmashatar hill

Harmashatar hill is a popular hiking and cross-country running destination. The hill offers 2 sledging slopes right by the lookout tower. The one going Southwest is more for experienced athletes, while the one on the Northern side is much shorter although feature some mounds as well. Great pro besides the breathtaking view is the nearby hütte offering snacks and restroom facilities. Downside is that a car is essential but the parking lot faces capacity problems.

Pest side

5. City park, Kiraly hill

Classic choice on the Pest side, expect it to be crowded. Each side of the hill offers a different slope and speed. One side for beginners and one for experts. Pro: easy to reach by public transportation Contra: no facilities nearby, high chance of being crowded.

6. Vida hill

In the suburbs of Pest, close to the city limits. This playground with a small hill is a perfect place to introduce kids to sledding as speeding up downhill is almost impossible. The park and the hill is very popular among families living nearby. Parking can be challenging nearby to the Vida hill.

7. Hajogyari – sziget

The island known for the world-famous Sziget festival offers an off the beaten track hill for winter sport enthusiasts behind the playground.

+1 Normafa

Number one choice when it comes to winter sport activities in Budapest. Several slopes are between the bus terminal and Normafa út. The slower slopes are closer to the road. The recently refurbished park offers limited number of restroom facilities and even medical staff on site. No need to pack food as both the langos and the strudel is simply yummy. Authorities may close down the road leading up to Normafa. Before driving there check BKK site for up to date information.

To make it easier to choose the right track we put all our suggestions on a single map:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions regarding sledging in and around Budapest.