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Where to exchange money in Budapest?

However Hungary is member of the European Union the official currency of Hungary is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). Nowadays one EUR is around 350HUF, one USD is around 330HUF. The exchange rate varies from day to day. Besides the Hungarian Forint the EUR is also an accepted currency in Budapest at various restaurants and shops.
You can get an up-to-date exchange rate on  

At all cost avoid Interchange offices (easy to recognise them from their orange colour), and try to avoid exchanging money at your point of entry (airport, train station, etc.).

Most of the other currency exchange offices offer roughly the same rates. Our top picks though are Ibla change and Correct Change on Jozsef korut.

Where to use ATMs in Budapest?

Our practical information about ATMs is to only use ATM-s at the bank offices. Make sure to avoid ‘independent’ ATM’s like Euronet. Their rates and exchange rates are as terrible as Interchange rates.
All ATMs have Forints, a few like for example OTP’s alond Deak Ferenc utca have EUR as well.

Budapest arrivals

We wrote a separate post about arriving to the Budapest airport. You can find it here.

Arriving to Budapest by bus, you arrive to Budapest-Nepliget bus terminal. From Nepliget bus station subway line (or shuttle bus) M3 takes you to the city centre, besides taxi.

Coming by train you most probably arrive to Budapest-Keleti railways terminal. Note that arriving from Vienna to Budapest by train the first station where most trains stop is Budapest-Kelenfold and the second stop is Budapest-Keleti.
At Budapest-Keleti take either subway line M2, or M4 to downtown, or call a taxi and tell the driver to pick you up at the Kerepesi ut parking lot.

Budapest Transit (BKK) put together a cheat sheet about the local transportation.

How to get a taxi in Budapest?

Rule nr. 1: never hail a cab, or get into a taxi parking on the street. Avoid freelancer taxis at all cost. In Budapest taxi fares are fixed, but many of the freelancer drivers will mess with the taximeter, or take you on a much longer way. 
Ask your concierge in the hotel, or the restaurant to call you a taxi.

Smartphone apps make travellers life much easier in case of calling a cab too. 
Our recommended taxi companies are Taxim, and Bolt as Uber in Budapest is not in operation any longer.

How safe is Budapest?

Generally speaking Budapest is as safe as most of the Central-European cities. 
Violent crimes are quite rare, however there are a few things that one should not forget. Pickpocketing exists in Budapest hence you should be alert and take care of your wallet and bags in crowded areas like the great market hall.

Do not exchange money on the street. It might look like a good deal, but after your business partner asks for a chance to recount the banknotes you never leave the transaction on the winning side.

Do not gamble on the street and don’t buy anything from street vendors (iPhone, belt, sunglasses, perfume, etc.)

Although one of the nicknames of Budapest is the city of love try to avoid ‘lost girls’ on the streets. It may seem to be your lucky day but we don’t recommend you to follow the ladies to the bar where they invite their victims after getting help from them. 
Speaking of bars: don’t leave your drinks unattended. 

Is the tap water drinkable?

In fact the tap water in Budapest has very high quality and has good taste as well. In case you decide to buy bottled water pink cap means still water, and blue cap is for sparkling water means it’s with gas.

Weather in Budapest

Weather in Budapest is something all locals can complain about at all times. To sum it up, the weather is never boring.

Since Hungary lies in the temperate zone, Budapest suppose to have four seasons. Spring and fall are usually very short, in September Budapestians enjoy the indian summer.

For an up-to-date weather forecast we recommend this site.

If you have questions, or you need further practical information about Budapest do not hesitate to contact us!