10 things to do in Budapest in February

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10 things to do in Budapest in February

1. Ice skate

Budapest in February is all about chilly weather, snow, warm clothes and having a warm drink… by an ice skating rink! Budapest offers a lots of different venues where you can use your (or your rented) skates!

Probably the most famous and one of the nicest ice skating rink in our beloved city is the open-air one located in the UNESCO heritage Varosliget (City park). The venue is surrounded by the fairy tail like Vajdahunyad castle and by the Heroes square.

The oldest ice skating rink of Budapest is open till the end of February. Opening hours:

  • Mon – Fri 9am – 1pm & 5pm – 9pm.
  • Sat 10am – 2pm & 4pm – 9pm.
  • Sund 10am – 2pm & 4pm – 8pm.

Adult tickets are from 1500HUF and skate rental is 2000HUF.

2. Mangalica festival

mangalica festival in budapest. Photo credit: mangalicafesztival.hu

You might think that during the winter foodies can’t find an outdoor food festival to dive deep into the local cuisine. You can not be more wrong! Second weekend of February Szabadság tér hosts the annual Mangalica festival that launches the series of different food festivals held yearly in Budapest.

As most of our walking tours passes by the square we always drop by to taste mangalica sausage and maybe wash it down with a shot of pálinka, or uniqum.

3. Taste some Hungarian wine

Last month we recommended some places to taste Hungarian craft beer. We dedicate February to wine!

We strongly believe that your visit to the Hungarian capital would not be complete without tasting some of the country’s amazing wines.

Although within the boundaries of Budapest there are no vineyards to be found, you can taste and buy wines from all over Hungary’s wine regions in specialized shops and cozy bars. 

Palack offers tastings on Wednesdays, while Tasting Table dedicates Thursdays to wine tasting.

Tasting Table

4. Hike the hills of Buda

There are plenty of shorter, or longer walking trails to choose from within the city limits. This time, we recommend a short and easy walking trail between Remeteszőlős and Budaliget.


5. Check out a museum

Our pick for February is the Hospital in the Rock .  Built from 1939 in a natural 10 km long cave system located under the Castle hill, the Hospital in the Rock served during both WWII and in the cold war as well. English tours depart every hour on the hour.

6. Play with vintage pinball machines

Pinball Museum

Even though Ujlipotvaros is located just outside of the ring road for some reason it is considered an off the beaten track neighbourhood. Being a middle class residential area Ujlipotvaros offers tons of lovely cafes to have breakfast or a set power lunch. In an off the beaten track neighbourhood you the most noteworthy activity is actually a must-try thing: the Pinball museum. According to Tripadvisor visiting the Pinball Museum is one of the best activities in Budapest and we are happy to agree with it. Over 100 machines to try from the predecessors of pinball machines to the state-of-art pinball tables.

7. Bathe in a thermal spa

A visit to Budapest in February is not complete without trying some of the famous, or lesser known bathhouses of the city.

This month we recommend Palatinus Open-air Baths. It is a real gem for those looking to spend some hours in a spa sourrunded mostly by locals. Multiple indoor pools and saunas, and one outdoor.

In case you are looking for a different idea, last month we recommended Lukacs baths.

Palatinus Gyogy- Strand- es Hullamfurdo

8. Shop at a local designer market

The weather in Budapest in February can be freezing. Should you face that low temperature paying visit to an indoor designer market is a good alternative to spend some time browsing hand crafted furniture and other carry on proof designer thingies. For this month we recommend Art & Design market. Check out the Redone stand. We are proud owners of one of their lamps and we can not be happier with it.

9. Listen to jazz

Keeping indoor activities in focus during February to avoid the unpleasent weather is completely understandable. You dont need a better excuse to attend a jazz concert than that. One of the main centres of Budapest’s local live-music scene is the Budapest Jazz Club located in the same semi off the beaten track neighbourhood as the Pinball Museum. BJC gives a platform to free jam sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and even Saturdays from 10pm, or 10.30pm depending on the day.

10. Take a ride on the Children’s Railway

Fastest way to discover the hills of Buda and probably the most unique means of transportation in Budapest. The 10km long railway line dating back to the socialist era is mostly operated by kids aged 8-14. Trains are operating between Hűvösvölgy (tram line 56 and 61) and Széchenyihegy (tram line 60) once an hour. The ride takes about 60 minutes. Further information about the schedule here. Public transportation route planer here.