Travel back in time to the 18th-19th century Royal Palace of Gödöllő

We invite you to a real time travel! We leave the city behind and enter the Royal Palace of Gödöllő to find ourselves in a slower, more glamorous era. We walk through the magnificent suites and ceremonial hall. You don’t need much imagination to believe: behind the next door you can meet Sissi, the favorite queen of the Hungarians…

Length: 4 hours
Type: Minivan tour
Languages: English, German, Spanish, Hungarian
Price:  $224 – €180 – HUF 56 000

All of our tours are private tours. These prices apply for groups up to 6 people – if you want to book a tour for a bigger group, click here and ask for a special offer!

These prices do include the private guiding services, the minivan with driver and parking fees but do not include entrance fees.