Communist tour

The memories, main events and locations of the communist era + visit to Memento Park

How did Hungary become a socialist country? How was life in the Eastern bloc and how was Hungary, the „happiest barrack”? How did we lose our freedom step by step, and how did we reclaim it?

During our 5-hours-long-time-travelling we will tell you about big, historical events, the ’56 uprising and the democratic change as well as the small everyday things and difficulties. We will even provide a firsthand account of things that we used to find terrible – things that smile nostalgically about. During the tour we visit Memento Park as well to admire the monumental memories of the communist dictatorship. In case you would like to continue with diving deeper into the topic, we recommend concluding our private tour either at the House of Terror Museum, or at the Budapest Retro Museum. Both institutions uncover a new layer of socialism for you.

Duration: ~ 5 hours
Type: Minivan tour
Languages: English, Hungarian
Price: $490 – €450

All of our tours are private tours. These prices apply for groups up to 6 people – if you want to book a communist era tour for a bigger group, click here and ask for a special offer! 

In order to book a communist era tour please send us an email.

These prices do include the guide, the minivan with driver and parking fees but do not include entrance fees.

A more economical and environmentally friendly version of this tour is also available, utilising public transit to and from the Memento Park. This version is $295 – 270€