Behind Budapest Programs

Besides the most popular tours, we have several other programs for you. These activities are great team-building events as well!

  • A day on the Danube (English, French or Hungarian) – rowing from Soroksár to Szigetszentmiklós, lunch, rest, and back to Soroksár
    Length: 8 hours
  • Living Library (English) – interesting conversation to beat prejudices and stereotypes. Borrow a „book”, a person, and talk to somebody you thought that you knew! Books are volunteers who have been subjected to discrimination themselves.
    Length: 3 hours
  • 5 senses Jewish tour (English, French or Hungarian): unique tour with a cantor, a licensed tour guide, and a lot of songs, drinks and food tasting.
    Length: 4 hours

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Fungarian programs

Hungarian language is beautiful and really difficult to learn. But our partner, Fungarian is an expert of fun Hungarian crash-courses. On their programs you can learn a few Hungarian expressions, and discover some interesting parts of Budapest’s everyday life.

  • Language class and games – learn some basic expressions, nursery rhymes and perform them in a dramatized version.
    Length: 2 hours
  • Hungarian in Practice (shopping list competition – shopping adventures). Participants learn some important expressions e.g. thank you, please, and the name of some daily products, then they have 40 minutes to go out and do some shopping in Hungarian. Fun is guaranteed!
    Length: 3 hours
  • HUNTgarian – cultural treasure hunt to discover Budapest and the Hungarian language. Which team can understand the locals better? They will be the winners.
    Length: 3,5-4 hours depending on group size
  • Sing a song – learn Hungarian folk songs with the famous Kodály method.
    Length: 2 hours
  • Little Brother – Big Brother. What was life like for teenagers under the Communist regime? Participants can experience the cold watch of Big Brother in an Escape Room from where they have 1 hour to get out…
    Length: 2,5 hours
  • Explore the caves under Budapest (English or Hungarian) – 5 km walking tour with licensed cave tour guide on the Buda Hills including Szemlőhegyi and Pálvölgyi caves.
    Length: 3 hours

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